» Helmer Scientific


Established in 1977 to serve the life science industry, Helmer is a manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high quality laboratory equipment and refrigerated product. Our headquarters are located in Noblesville, Indiana, where we exclusively manufacture Helmer Refrigerators, Freezers, Platelet Storage, and Plasma Thawing Systems. Our products are available direct in the U.S. and Canada, as well as through international distributors worldwide.

Our mission and values form the foundation of our company. We are passionate about serving our customers in their efforts to improve and save human lives, and committed to relating well with each other. We take this same approach toward those we partner with. In whatever capacity we seek to do business together, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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» GenesisBPS

Our Mission
GenesisBPS meets client needs, worldwide, for the collection, processing, storage, and preparation of blood and other biological fluids. We do so by combining advanced technology, seamless automation, quality standards and operational efficiencies, working together to produce products and services of outstanding precision and reliability. GenesisBPS is positioned at the forefront of what we can do and at the leading edge of what we will do, providing ideas, solutions, and innovation to the world.
Our Vision
Healthcare can be improved and protected by processes that act upon blood and its component elements. We will empower these changes with technology that bears our name—technology that is dependable, professional, available, and affordable. At GenesisBPS, we see the world in very fluid terms.
GenesisBPS was created expressly to meet the needs and demands of: Life Science Customers, Biotechnology Organizations, Community Blood Centers, Blood Collection Organizations, Hospital Blood Banks, Military Blood Collection, Animal Blood Banks, Veterinary Hospitals, Blood Processing Laboratories, Research and Scientific Organizations as well as organizations with a need for high-quality, high-performing products for the processing of blood, blood components and other human and laboratory fluids.
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» Haemonetics


BloodTrack is a modular suite of solutions that combine software and hardware components to act as an extension of your blood bank information system. Designed to provide safe and fully compliant point-of-care blood management the BloodTrack software helps to ensure that each link in the blood supply chain is optimized to help provide more accountable care, eliminate waste and reduce staff workload.

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